Magical Dialogue in literary fiction
& on screen. FULLY BOOKED

Creative Writing 2 - Magical Dialogue: 19th - 25th June

This intensive course will take a fresh look at dialogue and the art of making a character sound 'real'.

Through a series of tutorials the course will examine what makes 'good' dialogue, how dialogue can be used to increase or slow pace.

Individual tutors will examine both modern dialogue as well as dialogue in period drama or historical fiction.

The course will encourage place-based writing with the aim of producing a piece of original work on the final night. This is a unique opportunity for a writer to hear their own words spoken on stage.

The week begins with two days of intensive writing. The tutor will lead the group and storyboard an original idea, very much in the manner of a movie production company.

The course will then examine the structure of novel and film, identifying the cross-over points between these different genres.

Specific texts (novels turned into films) will be used and students will receive a short list of these before the course begins in order to familiarise themselves with the work.

The skills learnt throughout the course may be applied to any genre and will help the writer in all areas, from the novel, to short story and even flash fiction.

Course Tutors:
Amanda Hodgkinson
Author and University tutor.
Tracey Warr
Historical author and University tutor.
Gerard Barbe
Worked on award winning films.

Guest Speakers:
Lyricist Danny Wright, formerly of The Rainbow Club, London will demonstrate how even the most reluctant of musicians can write a song and tell a tale in three minutes.


Tuition, full board and lodging at Miradoux House with private room - £1000

The rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis (a large majority of our rooms are en-suite)

We are able to offer access to disabled students and ground-floor accommodation.

19th - 25th June FULLY BOOKED

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