Dave Barbarossa

Unique, stylish, ever innovative: Dave Barbarossa's reputation precedes him. Since first coming to prominence as the percussive bedrock upon which the original Adam And The Ants built their fearsome reputation as punk’s ultimate antiheroes, Dave's never stood still, looked back or rested on his laurels. Upon developing a characteristic Burundi-inspired tribal style, Dave emerged from the independent underground (The Ants' landmark Dirk Wears White Sox album, Derek Jarman's Jubilee) to full-blown international mainstream pop stardom with Bow Wow Wow. Managed by Malcolm McLaren, styled by Vivienne Westwood, Bow Wow Wow rapidly graduated from sensational controversy (the piratical Cassette Pet of C30 C60 C90 Go, the Manet-parodying See Jungle... album sleeve to a string of timeless hit singles (Chihuahua, Go Wild In The Country, I Want Candy) that came to define the early eighties.

Always setting, rather than following, fashion, Dave metamorphosed from post-punk hit-maker to dance innovator with such iconic acts as Beats International, Adamski and Republica, while simultaneously maintaining an enviable position as one of the music world's most sought-after session players. Invariably challenging convention, Dave's latest musical adventure is the effervescent amalgam of audacious punk energy, primal percussive passion and cutting edge, head rush techno that is Cauldronated. Once heard, never forgotten; peerless, inimitable. One of the most original, respected and influential drummers of his generation, Dave Barbarossa's journey continues.

Dave Barbarossa's critically acclaimed debut novel 'Mud Sharks' is now available in all formats.

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